Monday, October 12, 2009

Pesto Pesto Pasta

A couple of months ago when Macy's had their semi-annual sale, I bought some stuff that I wrote about in a previous blog. One of the things I bought was this Bella Cucina Rocket Blender. , I think I paid only $20 for this. Thanks to the Spicy Tasty bloggers for bringing this sale to my notice.

I bought it under the premise that I would use it for milk shakes and K could take it to work and V too when he eventually grew and rationed that it was being offered at a really good price. While I like the blender I absolutely love the small recipe book that came with it. Recipes for sauces and smoothies that you can use the blender for.

And most importantly I had to prove to K that this purchase was so worth it :P So I tried the pesto sauce recipe from the book and set about making some Pesto pasta. And we were not disappointed. I think it is a copyright violation to type out the recipe here, so I'll improvise a bit.

Pesto Sauce

1. basil fresh (a handful)
2. extra virgin or plain olive oil (1/3 to 1/4 cup)
3. garlic cloves (a couple)
4. pine nuts ( I slight toast mine) (2 tbsp)
5. parmesan cheese (1/3 cup or lesser)
6. salt (to taste)
7. pepper ( to taste)

Method de preparation
Mix all above in a blender and blend. I eyeball most of these ingredients, so you might want to start with a measurement and changed/add per preference.

Pesto Pasta

1. pasta of preference
2. veggies- chopped finely in thin strips [ I used bell pepper, onions and asparagus], you could add anything else
3. pesto sauce
4. olive oil

Method de preparation
1. Cook pasta per instructions and then drain out. I usually skip the salt when boiling the pasta, you don't really need it.
2. Take oil in a pan, add onion saute saute.
3. When done, add veggies, saute, saute. Use medium-high heat to keep the veggies crisp.
4. Add sauce and pasta and then saute for just a min and you're done.

Enjoy sitting or standing :)

Craving Thai

I think the combination of lack of time to experiment and cooking too many dishes at one go makes me revert to known and tried and tested recipes. This obviously is making our palette want different tastes. While there is no cuisine with as much variety as Indian, not all are easy to make.

Like I would not like a parotta chops for dinner one night, or bajji for tiffin one evening or some chat for snacks one night :P Yeah, hard to make every single time you crave them especially since you have to make them for yourself. So I have begun to experiment with other cuisines that we enjoy when we go out and try to build those into our meals. And wonder of wonders, K begun to like and crave thai after 5 long years of not caring a damn.

This was my first attempt so I used the panang curry paste that I bought at a farmer's market. Next time will try making my own so I can freeze for multiple uses too.


1. Thai paste - red, green or panang curry
2. Vegetables all finely chopped in thin strips - colored bell pepper, onions, carrot [can add anything you like, I just stuck with these three]
3. basil - fresh is better
4. garlic cloves - a few or lesser depending on your taste
5. oil
6. coconut milk

Method of Preparation:

1. Place saute pan on high to medium-high heat. Add oil.
2. Put garlic cloves in and saute.
3. When done, add onions and saute till translucent.
4. Add other vegetables and saute for a few mins, don't allow to get mushy, they need to stay crisp. Being generous on the oil and heat helps this part.
5. When all done, add 1 or 2 tbsp of the thai paste and then add 1 can of coconut milk . Allow to simmer for just a few.
6. Top with basil- fresh or powder based on what's available.

Serve with rice and I think would go well with phulkas too.


Three times a charm :)

At least for me it was. Here are pictures from my successful attempt at pizza making from scratch. This was a greek pizza and it tasted pretty good. It was not a papa johns but no dominos either. Now my cooking demons will be at peace.

P.S. I will come back later to post the recipe, toppings et al.

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