Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Coloured Capsicum (Bell Pepper) Sabzi

Jan 26th 2010

This is a recipe to try when the colored bell peppers come on sale or if you have them growing in your backyard in the summer. And before you can ask me, yes..you need all the colors, that is what gives it the taste. This goes well with roti or chappati or paratha.


• Bell peppers (red, green, yellow and orange - equal nos)
• tomatoes
• corriander seeds (dhaniya)
• red chillies
• ginger garlic paste
• fenugreek seeds (menthium) - very little
• oil
• salt
• turmeric
• Paneer
• Cilantro

Method de Preparation

1. Dry roast a little bit of menthium (less than 1 tsp), red chillies (3-4) and dhaniya seeds (2 tbsp) in a pan. When slightly browned, take and keep aside.

2. Paneer should be left out of the freezer or defrosted before hand. Cut into small or long cubes as desired. Take a little bit of butter in the same pan, and slightly roast the paneer cubes. Allow to brown slightly. [Alternative is to drop the paneer cubes in boiling water and remove after 5 min, this allows for soft paneer]. Remove and keep aside

3. In the same pan, take some oil. Add the ginger-garlic paste. Saute for a couple of mins.

4. Add the chopped bell peppers and cook. Whether you want to cook them too well or leave them slightly crisp is upto you.

5. Once they are done, add some tomatoes. For 1 bell pepper of each color, you can use maybe 2-3 roma tomatoes. Add some turmeric powder also.

6. Once the tomates are cooked, add the dhaniya+chilies+menthium powder ground in the blender. Add some salt.

7. Towards the end add the paneer.

8. Season with chopped corriander (cilantro).

Cheat a bit: Use dhaniya + chilly powder instead of grinding the powder fresh, but the fresh ground powder does bring out the flavor more.

Recipe Credits: Uma Aunty thro. Prema Chithi


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