Friday, November 27, 2009

Pachai (Raw) Morkoyambu

Nov 27th 2009

This is an accompaniment to any podi or thogayal- esp. ellu (sesame) podi, vazhakka (banana) podi and puthina (mint)/ kothamalli (cilantro) thogayal. This is the same as morkutan ( like how I call it) but this particular recipe from my mil is extremely easy.

2-3 green chillies
little bit scraped coconut (preferably fresh) - 1 tsp
Mustard (2 tsp)
oil to season
turmeric powder
salt to taste

Method of preparation
  1. Grind green chillies, coconut and mustard (1 tsp) in the mixie and keep aside.
  2. Take required curd in a container and then mix it with a spoon to take out any lumps and make it of even consistency. Do not make too watery. Keep it reasonably thick.
  3. Add the ground mix to the curd and salt too.
  4. Season with some mustard allowed to splutter in oil. Add turmeric to the oil before adding to the curd.
  5. And you are done, enjoy!


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