Monday, February 14, 2011

Nenthrangai Chips (Plantain chips)

Feb 14th 2011

Disclaimer: Fried foods may not be good for your waistline but so heavenly for your taste buds. Lays' commercial tagline "No one can stop at one" should not be followed here. Consumer discretion is advised.

Hailing from Palakkad is not a prerequisite for you to love these chips. Just trying one is enough :)

The Plantain is a fruit that be used in so many ways. In its raw form it can be used to make chips. When it is ripe, it can be dipped in dough and fried to make bajjis, boiled and eaten as such, or used in curries/soups.

I learnt this recipe from my mother in law and I have to say this produces some of the best chips I have ever tasted. If you are lucky to be in Chennai and you are craving these, here are some places you can buy them at too. I rank Hot Chips #2 as mine would be #1 :D

Difficulty level : Medium - Hard

Time: 45 min - 1 hr

  • Raw plantain (green in color) - 3-4 nos
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Oil to fry

Method de Preparation:
  1. Take oil in a frying pan (to deep fry) and turn on heat.
  2. Wear gloves, take each plantain and draw vertical lines on it with a knife, meaning slicing through the skin, not into the flesh.
  3. Once you chop off the corners, peel the skin using the serrations you have made. Using gloves allows your fingers to not get blackened or itchy.
  4. Soak peeled plantain in water, keep immersed.
  5. Take 1/3 cup of water and dissolve 2-3 tbsp of salt in it. Keep aside.
  6. Once the oil is hot enough, take one banana out, wipe dry using a towel. Take a grater/slicer and slice round pieces directly into the hot oil.
  7. Once you have sliced enough, add 2-3 spoons of the water+salt combo into the oil. I promise it will sputter and hiss but that is it, nothing else will happen!
  8. When fried well enough (the oil will stop bubbling and become silent - no hissing) immediately take the chips out and if you wait any longer your chips will be burnt!
  9. Take the first batch out, taste for salt (that is what the salt/water mix is for). If you need more, add in the next batch and keep repeating.
  10. Drain oil in a towel and store in an airtight container. Does not spoil for a month or more but most likely will be consumed within a day or two :)

  1. Don't add the salt separately in the end, it will not meld with the chips and will taste separate.
  2. Keep the heat in the oil constant, sometimes you might need to wait in between batches allowing it to reheat so the temperature is the same throughout.
  3. Start with just 1-2 plantains if you want to try it out, but since this is a bit cumbersome I suggest making more and storing next time around.


Roshan said...

one of my favorite snacks....nice method...

Anu Karthik said...

Thank you Roshan for stopping by and leaving a note!

Deepa said...

Anu....I tried and it came out perfect!!!

Anu Karthik said...

Thanks Deepa, glad you liked it and appreciate you giving me feedback :) Is this a deepa I know or?

Deepa said...

I have tried several of your recipes and they turn out pretty good. Great job Anu. Hopefully you remember...Deepa from Nashville.

Anu Karthik said...

Yeah of course i do. It is just that I know 3 deepas so was not sure who this was or if someone new. Hope you are all doing well :) Keep trying and hope you like them all!

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