Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tools of the Trade Tuesdays: Bella Cucina Panini Maker

Today I would like to introduce you to my friend- the Bella Cucina Panini Maker.

Price: < $20 (after discounts)
Available at: Macys, Amazon etc.

If I have not raved enough about it already in my other posts, I will say it again here. I absolutely love this device. What’s not to love about it? It is available for less than $20 (at Macy’s during their sales), it has a non-stick surface so cleanup is a breeze and it is so easily portable that you can carry it with you when you travel to make your Paninis on the go. Additionally if you prepare your Paninis ahead of time, the grilling takes only a min or more for each, so that you can include Paninis as a dish to wow your guests at your next party  :)

Now for the small drawbacks with this Panini maker. It is not super heavy, so if you are putting together a double mac and cheese size Panini, you might need to rotate it to grill evenly. Also this is capable of grilling two Paninis side by side by that depends on what bread you are using and also how big each one is. Ideally I would say you can make only one at a time.  If you are particular about making 2 at the same time, go ahead and invest in a more expensive one that is capable of accommodating that so you are not disappointed.

It makes lunch/dinner or a snack so easy to make. Just go ahead and put anything you like between two slices of bread, apply butter or oil on the outer sides and voila you have a restaurant style Panini that melts in your mouth in under 2 min. A plus is that since the sides are grilled, this stays soft for a long time even when no longer warm; so if you want Paninis at your next picnic, there is no one to really stop you! 

Images are from the web, from Macy's website.


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