Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tools of the Trade Tuesdays: My Masala Box (Stainless Steel Masala Dabba)

It is not an exaggeration to say that along with all the heirlooms a mom gives her daughter - this masala dabba is a prime addition to her kitchen. Such a simple yet effective design, most Indian homes have one. The number of boxes inside, whether each has a spoon, lid etc vary slightly but the purpose remains universally same - A simple box that holds a variety of spices one uses commonly in cooking esp. for seasoning. 

Having them close together really helps when you need to drop them into oil/ghee for tadka in unison or one after the other pretty quickly.

Below are pictures of my masala dabba that my mother gave me. It has 7 containers and I only use one spoon that goes across all these spices.

clockwise (from top center) - pepper corn, turmeric, chana dal (split chickpea), jeera (cumin), menthium (fenugreek seeds), urad dal (black gram) and in the center is mustard. I tend to use this masala dabba to store spices usually used for seasoning in south Indian cooking.

These are available fairly inexpensively in most Indian pathra kadais ( vessel stores) , but for all others who would love to have it in their kitchen, here is a deluxe version on Amazon that is not too bad on the wallet - Stainless Masala Dabba Deluxe.


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