Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tools of the Trade Tuesdays : Zoku Quick Pop Maker

If you have not heard of this before, fear not - neither had I. So I was so pleasantly surprised when I was gifted this by the Mr and the son last year. First that they knew about this and that they got it for me :) They both had sneaked out to purchase this and plopped it on the kitchen counter asking me to make what else some popsicles :)

Price : $50 (before any discounts)

Available at: Macys, Amazon, William Sonoma etc.

Images from: Google (various websites)

This link here covers pretty much everything you need to know about this Quick pop maker. For $50 you get the Quick pop maker, 6 popsicle holders with the drip holder and a tool for removing the pops out once they are done. Accessories and books are available for instructions on how to make some of the fancier looking popsicles. But trust me you won't be disappointed even with the most basic versions you make.


  • If you have kids or live in a warm place, you will love having this. When you want a quick snack, just pour anything into this and voila it will be frozen into popsicles within 10 minutes. Your kids and their friends will love it!
  • The biggest advantage is that it makes popsicles almost instantly (~10 minutes for the first batch) and (~12 min for the second batch). I have very rarely made more than 6 at a time though it can make upto 9 popsicles before needing to be frozen again.
  • It is small enough to be stored in the freezer continuously, and my freezer is pretty packed  all the time (trust me).
  • It is a great way to sneak in healthy snacks - i often make mango lassi, kulfi, milkshakes and then serve it as popsicles - no complaints and often am asked for more :)


  • Only the price because you get moulds for $10 or lesser on amazon but the pros outweigh the price in my opinion and the advantage of having ready made pops available for your child as against having to wait 48 hrs is worth it if you use it frequently enough.


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