Friday, December 4, 2009

A is for Alfredo, at least in our home :)

Dec 4th 2009

K loves cheese in any which form it will come, so it is no surprise that Italian is very high in his favorite cuisine list. The original recipe for the alfredo sauce is from here:,1855,140166-232207,00.html. It is a great recipe, and extremely easy. However I would definitely recommend using some milk instead of the recommended half and half fully because it made the sauce very heavy and thick.

Modifications I made to the alfredo sauce include sauteing some garlic and then some red onions in the butter. I also added some chopped walnuts before adding the cream cheese. Biting into the walnuts tasted good, yum!

This would taste very good with any thin pasta - spagetti, angel hair, linguine etc. However it would be too boring I thought, just pasta and Alfredo. So I used the butternut squash ravioli from Costco, cooked it per instructions and then poured this sauce over. That provided some extra taste and flavor. A quick meal and very yummy..but not so good for the tummy line :P

Next time, I think I will saute some peppers in with the onions and then use plain old spaghetti, for a change.


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