Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Southwest Black Bean Panini

March 31st 2010

Making a burger patty from scratch is not a bad idea but time consuming I bet. So one of these weekday nights when you want to make a quick meal, our friend Ms. Panini Maker comes in so handy. This burger is extremely good and very filling and we absolutely love it. This can make for a great lunch box sandwich too. Try it and see.

Difficulty level : Easy

Time:  20 min 

  • Morningstar Southwest Spicy Vegetarian Black Bean Burgers ( I get mine from Costco)
  • Oroweat Oat N Nut bread ( 2 per burger)
  • Cheese slices ( 1 per burger- can be american, pepper jack or your pick)
  • Onions ( sliced in circles or squares or rectangles, I don't really care) 
  • Tomatoes slices ( 2 per burger)
  • Oil ( to brush the bread slices)
Method de Preparation
  1. Cook patties in the oven as per instruction, flipping them over halfway so each side is done evenly.
  2. Lightly spread oil on both sides of each bread slice, just a bit.
  3. To assemble each burger, stack bread, onion and tomato, patty and cheese and the other bread slice.
  4. And put in the panini maker, do your 2 times tables till 16 and you are done :)
  5. Take out and serve with ketchup or just plain. 
  6. Chips and Coke on the side would be nice, so if you plan ahead, get them too!
Variations:   You can skip the onions and the tomatoes and just do cheese+patty and you will still love it. If you like your burgers creamy, add mayo on one side of the bread. You can use any bread but the Oat N Nut has a crunchy texture to it that blends well.


SriAndal said...

hey i make it with morning star garden veggie,and swiss cheese ,that too works out great..hmmm yummy...i loved that part "do your 2 times table until 16"..hehe very funny.."

Anu Karthik said...

hey rani, whatever cheese we have at home would work too :) so have you done your tables yet??

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