Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Jan 26th 2010

This is another of those recipes that just takes no effort whatsoever and tastes so rich for what effort one puts in. And this is one recipe that my non-indian friends can recognize all the ingredients in :) One thing to keep in mind however is to use a deep vessel for this in the microwave. Things tend to get hot and boil a bit, so it does rise. If you use a shallow vessel, the dish will spill over and you will be left with a very messy microwave :)


  • Ricotta Cheese (15-16 oz container)
  • sugar (3/4 of the same 16 oz container)
  • nonfat milk powder (3/4 of the same 16 oz container)
  • 1 slab unsalted sweet cream butter ( you get 4 in a box usually)
  • pistachios (to your taste) 2 or more tbsp

Method de Preparation
  1. Put butter, ricotta cheese and sugar in the bowl and microwave for 4 min.
  2. Mix well, and microwave for another 4 min.
  3. Add the milk powder and then microwave for 8 min total, stopping every 2 min to mix.
  4. The kalakand should have browned by now, if not you can keep for a min or more [ as microwave ovens may differ in power]
  5. Grind pistachios in the mixer and add to this after a few mins.
  6. Kalakand is ready to serve and eat in exactly 16 min.
Psst: This tastes very good without the pistachios too, like palgova.

Source: Prema chithi from a friend at Kolu


Aisha B. said...

Wow, this looks yummy!

Akella said...

Just tried this and it came out very yum!My picky toddler loved it.Thanks for sharing!

Anu Karthik said...

@ Aisha: You should try it once, it is very easy to make too.
@ Akella: Thanks for your comment. I am glad that your toddler enjoyed it too!

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